Posted by: sharingyoochun | September 25, 2008

[MP3] DBSK – 4th album MIROTIC [Full album – HQ]



Sooooo thrilled with the whole album huh.
DBSK the 4th album will be released at 10:00am Korea time tomorrow (26Sept2008)

And here it is…..the whole album for you! I can’t wait till it’s available here in Bangkok (since I no longer trust on the pre-sale thing)

Anyway what I uploaded here is .WMA so I am gonna encode it in MP3 and will post the link on later (when I am in the mood)

In the mean time…have fun with the whole album here

credit: ทาเคชิ@popcornfor2+sharingyoochun@wordpress



Ask us for download links if you want ^^

2. Wrong Number  
3. Sunset.. –
5. HEY! (Don’t bring me down)  
6.You are My Song  
7. Rainbow  
8. Paradise  
9. Are You A Good Girl?    
10. Flower Lady 
11. Forgotten Season    
12. Love in The Ice

Re-up in 4shared

Song 1 – 6   

Song 7 – 12


  1. Sorry.. its nice to share.. but this is DBSK’s 4th Come back.. and as a true fan.. i really dont think you should encourage more piracy by uploading their album even before it is officlaly released and people had a chance to buy.

    This is just going ruin DBSK’s sales figure and comeback. =(

  2. but in my opinion if u r truly dbsk fan u will support them even in any ways..even though u can download the songs for free but u still buy the original one..that’s how u support is still download but buying the original one is still the priority!! anyway thanx chompoo for uploading it..can’t wait to receive my mirotic *xcited*

  3. Chompoo:

    Dear Clover==> u got my point *Hi 5*

    Nice Cassiopeia all buy thier album dear, and here i can’t wait to buy it (didn’t get a chance for the pre-sale thing)

  4. Chompoo:

    Dear Yixian, u dont know me u dont know us so dont judge us as you ^__^ if u dont like our site, dont be hesitate to leave us alone dear. I am here sharing you our DBSK love.

    I dont think my little sharing will destroy their 4th album. We will all buy it anyway. Those who are my friends or love my site are the true DBSK fans and we can’t wait to buy the album.

    I hope u paste the same message u pass on my site on soompi or baidu or LOL

    anyway FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  5. Shinta:

    LOL unni where did you get this???

    I thought the release date would be on September 28th???

    and *uhuk* the service is at full capacity right now??? T__________T

    hohoho I know there are ppl who don’t like us to share this… anyway, I’m a kind of person who DOES NOT LIKE MY CD TO BE SCRATCHED (u know how player could sometimes destroy CD’s surface?), thus I still download and buy at the same time XD

    when my CD has arrived, I will directly send it to my CD cupboard so it will remain new forever XD

    I hope it helps to give you another view of downloading, Yixian dear ^^

    P.S: and YES, I always buy DBSK albums, dun worry ^^

  6. Sorry, im really a true fan and i really want their sales for their 4th album to be a great hit.
    But theres no way i can get the album here in Canada, cant use paypal,cant pre-order, cant order online or anything cause i got no credit card,
    but although im downloading the songs off this link, if i find this album sumday, i’ll DEFINETLY BUY IT!sorry guys but im really a true fan!

  7. thanks for sharing!! shinta

    yeah. we’ll buy the album no matter what. it’s released in Korea now but it takes time for the album to reach respective countries.

    really appreciate it!!
    thanks for spreading the <33333333

  8. thnx fr the link ^^ ~ this is the only way i can listen to their album because in BRUNEI its really hard to find their album, even their goodies are not sale in my place T_T.. keep up the good work!!

  9. thnaks for this.i was gonna wait till the album comes.but im so freakin excited to hear it so i DL

    =Dihope after 3 days fr release my CD will come..=D

  10. thanx for the download link!i will buy their album anyway even if i have the mp3 of the whole album just to let u knw…we love dbsk ALL the same!i dun think it will affect their sales if u truly love them n support them by buying their album,

  11. wooow,, you’re fast!! thanks so much for uploading,,
    i’m downloading them,,
    i really hope i’m not making the boys broke by downloading their album,, (LOL)
    anyways, thanks a bunch!! i love you!

  12. Thanks <3

  13. Thanks for sharing u guys!! ^^

    Of course I’ll buy the album too~ This download is just sothat I can listen to the songs sooner~

  14. Chompoo:

    Shinta my love, I will re-upload them in mediafire tonight okie

    and GUYS, we are the true fans, we’ll buy their album of course and these Mp3s are like….oh well we can listen to them sooner

    I didn’t get the chance to buy the pre-sale thing and it will be available here in oct!

    Anyway like shinta said “i dont need my DBSK CD to be stratched so i bought their CDs but listen to their MP3 instead”

    call me WEIRD

    but i truely love them

  15. WAH! i love you unnie =]

  16. Ahhhhhhh…thank you so much!! *0*
    I loved that you shared this!
    I totally got you point, and can you image my life without download?
    I live in Brazil, do you know how often i get a chance to buy their stuff? ~0
    Its almost impossible to do it, unless you have an international creditcard and stuff, but still i try to support them very much, and i buy whenever i can!
    anyway…THANK YOU!!~

  17. yeah..agree with shinta n chompoo..all my dbsk’s cds r still with the plastic cover n not yet open..i dont want the cds to get ‘hurt’…hehe^^ or else i ‘ll die to see it chompoo u r not the only weirdo..hehe^^

  18. you are the best. thanks for uploading. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive! i can’t wait to watch their dvd and look through their photobook!! i’m so FREAKING exited!!

  19. Chompoo:

    I am calm down now and glad u guys support my DBSK and keep visiting our little site

  20. THANKS…….1001x ONNIE FOR SHARING…^__^

  21. thnks heaps for d sharing,,,

    yeph,,, i’ll deff buy d real copy,, just cnt get a hand on it now,, by december i would haf got 1,, soo excited ><

  22. can sumone tell me where i can purchase their album… Mv with eng sub is also good? thank you very much. I love them, but dun know how i could support them…. if any u have any site that i could buy their album from…dun hesitate to email…. i am more than happy to buy their original album… thanx

  23. I forgot to mention my email in previous response….. my email is :… thank you very much

  24. Ok this isn’t fair my 14yr old sister got me into listening to DBSK this summer and i think that they are a great group.BUT i wanna buy all of their albums. BUT i can’t because i live in canada (yes i said canada) and i don’t want o download their music from the net because then they won’t make any money. anyways i want to buy their album but can’t can anyone hep me figure out a better way to get all of DBSK’s music other then downloading it?

  25. Oh my God! I wasn’t a fan of DBSK until today. (Yes I suck so bad) I didn’t care much about them.. But Mirotic just got me! I fricken love DBSK now~ Their songs are so catchy >w_>;; Silly me ~

    Dong Bang Shin Ki jjang~!!

  26. (Edit: Sorry for double post! My prev. comment got cut because of a mistaken CSS script :P)

    Oh my God! I wasn’t a fan of DBSK until today. (Yes I suck so bad) I didn’t care much about them.. But Mirotic just got me! I fricken love DBSK now~ Their songs are so catchy >w<!! I would love it if you can share me this album, (on .wav if can XD or .mp3 will be totally awesome too :) )

    Fun fact: I thought DBSK and TVXQ were a different boyband… =_=;; Silly me ~

    Dong Bang Shin Ki jjang~!!

  27. can i have the download link please xD

  28. i wish i could contact..^^what is this about?

  29. legra@yuholx3:

    what do you mean by that?

    this is the album for mirotic.
    if you want the songs, you can ask us

  30. can i have the download link please xD

  31. Hi, can you please send me the link, thanks.

  32. hey, could you please send me the links thanks a bunch

  33. Oh, I like them or like them a lot, especially my dear creature and child on earth, I love Hiro
    I am from Saudi Arabia, I hope that you love us tvxq
    Thank you ..

    .~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.오, 내가 그들을 좋아하는 그들이 많은 것, 특히 친애하는 지구 생명체와 자식, 내가 사랑 히로
    나는 사우디 아라비아에서, 내가 바라는 것은 당신이 우리를 사랑 오전 동방신기
    당신은 .. 감사합니다

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