Posted by: sharingyoochun | September 25, 2008

[MP3] 080922 BigEast Station Up!

with your hosts….


cre: CBONTVXQ+LFT_MAP~YooSu+sharingyoochun

Chompoo Noted:

You can’t miss this AUDIO! YOOSU MOMENT!
1:23 Junsu started to speak English to Yoochun

Junsu: “Do u understand?”
Yoochun: “Brilliant”
Junsu was like “huh?”

11:34 JaeJoong Umma laugh! OMG! laughing like that could destroy your angelic look Umma! I can’t believe it’s the sound of Jaejoong lol

Again Junsu was bullied about his English
Changmin and Yoochun kept bullying at him
“Where are you from Junsu”
“Vir…vir–gi-niaaa” How cute!!!!!!!!!!!


I think we made a mistake regarding this BigEast, right, unni??

the hosts should be:

bigeast 080923

and here’s the trans of this episode from yunho-sshi:


Finally Changmin admitted it!! He loves Junsu!!! XDDD
so that is the reason of why he’s always cruel to that dolphin XDD

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