Posted by: sharingyoochun | September 21, 2008

[Pic] 080921 DBSK Mini concert 4th album Showcase(P.1)

So sorry for posting this a bit late (i am kinda busy)

Anyway enjoy the MEN IN BLACK guys

JaeJoong umma looks soo seductive tonight!

I’m not sure if you can get the correct measure of Jae’s chest if you dun stripped him topless, dear whoever you SJ member… but well, it’s just me, I know nothing ^^

NAH! Like this!!! Yunho is trying to show you the correct method of measuring chest!!!

OPEN UR SHIRT FIRST!!! (and we’ll be right here…. drooling XDD)

Changmin said: “I AM PISSED OFF!!!”

but WHY? Changminnie… WHY???!!

“Coz Yunho and Yoochun hyung keep arguing in front of me!!!

and guess why are they arguing???

“Coz Yunho hyung thinks that Junsu is cute………………..”

“… while Yoochun thinks that he’s himself, is CUTER!”

“and I think that yes, Yoochun hyung is cuter, so I’m at Yoochun’s side against Yunho XP”

LOL.. why did I suddenly make a short ficpic here, Chompoo unni??? (when you only asked me to do something simple with this post XD)

credit: as tagged+sharingyoochun@wordpress

before you say “I give up clicking these pics!”…



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