Posted by: sharingyoochun | August 30, 2008

[Pic] Junsu In 080829 Nankai Paradise Z, (A-nation Special)

Pic 1: Junsu was too hype. Jae was thinking of why on earth such kid who had mental disorder could had a beautiful voice…

Pic 2: Jae was still wondering… Yoochun tried to catch up everyone’s attention out off crazy Junsu, but then he gave up. However, finally Junsu realized that the members behind him were too quiet: “Omo! Do I make them ashamed again?!”

Pic 3: finally Junsu understood of how his attitude had crunched down Tohoshinki’s cool image!! the other members were so happy that they clapped their hands! But Junsu made his final dorkness before he’s finally back to charisma aura….

cre pic: + tiseki@soompi + TI + sharingyoochun@wordpress


  1. Chompoo:

    Junsu….the only humand behind who got the cutest smile on earth lol

  2. LOL ^^

    look back at old syc post

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