Posted by: sharingyoochun | August 21, 2008

[Pic] Yoochun’s Younger Brother : YooHwan

I’m taking these pics at fangirlmitz since I used to not save any YooHwan pics before.. he he he

but now I’m thinking… maybe I should start to know my future brother in law better XD

*bricked by Chompoo unni*

credits: as tagged+beccary@soompi+fangirlmitz+sharingyoochun@wordpress


another interesting stuff wore by Mr. Kim Jaejoong… you must know this:

Image Hosting by

yep, that cute Kero Keropi necklace!! but that’s not an ordinary necklace ^^


Image Hosting by

a neck fan!!

Want your own Keroppi fan? Click here to order from star-thots.


  1. YOOHWAN!!! i got a lot pictures of Yoohwan’s latest picture. you can ask me if you want.XD
    i liked him more before, when he still got fats. haha. he looks skinnier now, but he still looks hott.:))

    ahh. i’m gonna order that kerokeropi fan.XD

  2. Shinta:

    if you want to share me some, then please??? ^^

    actually Echonkz and I sell that fan for Indonesia Cassie (in cheaper price) ^^
    but it’s already out of stock now

  3. how old is he?

  4. He’s not as CUTE as Yoochun!! XD

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